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Making life a little easier for you!

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Getting your Air ducts cleaned and carpet around this season will help with your allergies! Go and book your appointment now and you can receive a discount!

You will not regret this! you are not only helping out your immune system but also providing your family with a clean house! and all you had to do is book an appointment! Can it be easier?

carpet cleaning macon ga

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Carpet Cleaning Macon Ga

Here are some helpful carpet cleaning tips on removing spots and cleaning spills that happen on your carpet, upholstery or rugs. Provided by Carpet Cure Inc

Why Hot, Humid Summer Days Activate Odors in Your Carpet, Upholstery & Rugs

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Humidity reactivates odors. Drink spills, pet stains, soil from shoes– they all have odor causing bacteria. They linger in your carpet, rugs, and upholstery until they are rinsed out.

Urine problems have alkaline crystals that eventually dry up after several months. But when a humid day kicks in, you’ll smell the odor again. The odors can linger for years.

What happens when you spill a drink like coffee? Sugars are embedded in the fibers. Tannin and dyes in the drink bond to the fibers as well.

Misting a good spot cleaner on the stain and wiping with an absorbent cloth helps. But the stain REALLY needs to be rinsed. I suggest you purchase a small Bissell type spot machine available at most department stores. But remember, the smaller the machine, the more likely you are to get it out when a spill occurs. Huge bulky machines tend to sit in the closet. Get something that’s light and easy to use. If it’s a spill, first extract all the liquid from the carpet. Then, mist on a quality spot remover. Call our office if you need recommendations for good spotters. Last, rinse the area with pure water from your small spot removal machine. That’s it!
Just remember to act fast. The tips above can save you from ugly permanent stains.

Of course, carpet and rug makers still recommend a yearly cleaning. The cleaning will completely rinse those spots and odors out.

And for severe odor and pet problems, call us right away. We employ the best cleaning agents to neutralize odors. We even have a tool that can pull pet urine from your carpet padding.

Call us at: 478-405-9138 for questions or visit

Carpet Cleaning and Pet odor removal

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These hot summer months have a tendency to make even the slightest pet accidents seem more offensive.  This is why professional carpet cleaning picks up in the summer.  Is it the heat?  Is it the humidity? It’s actually more the humidity than anything else.  Urine is basically neutral to slightly acidic when the accident occurs.  Within a few hours it becomes an alkaline salt and bacteria develop.  These salts are hydrophylic.  High humidity environments tend to feed the bacteria thus increasing detectable odor.  The alkaline salts must be neutralized with an acid such as vinegar in order to dissolve the deposit allowing it to be rinsed away.  This is why professional carpet cleaners always need to know if pets have access to the carpeted areas being cleaned.  Cleaning pet accidents with an alkaline cleaners without first neutralizing them will only feed the bacteria and make the problem worse.  A different approach is to use enzymes to “eat up” the bacteria created by the pet accident.  Enzymes are friendly bacteria that digests organic compounds into smaller molecules that can be more easily dealt with.  This is a very effective approach and sometimes the best option for effectively removing the pet odor concerns in the carpet.

Which Cleaning Process is Right for Me?

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One of the great advantages of choosing a cleaning firm that is certified by the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is the education in advanced chemistry and cleaning techniques that get applied to your job. The carpet manufacturing industry is constantly changing and the implementation of their improvements require certified professional cleaning firms to continue their education in order to understand how to properly clean today’s modern textiles. Unfortunately, our industry is not regulated and cleaning firms are not required to be certified in order to operate. As a result, our industry gets filled with untrained, uneducated “carpet cleaners” trying to make a living. To help insure your protection against uncertified (and generally under-priced) cleaning operations, the world’s leading carpet manufactures, Shaw and Mohawk, implemented a warranty policy in January of 2008 that requires consumers to have their carpet cleaned by an IICRC firm, utilizing the Hot Water Extraction cleaning method, in order to maintain their carpet warranty. You can see how important it is that you never choose a cleaning firm without current IICRC certification. I also must mention that the IICRC is the nation’s most recognized body of certification. It is independent and non-profit. The IICRC has no hidden motive or agenda, does not own any schools or employ instructors, and does not promote specific product brands. It approves schools and instructors that meet the criteria established by the IICRC and also serves as a consumer referral source for Certified Firms and Inspectors. Please visit or for more information.
Once you are confident in the education and experience of the professional cleaning firm you have chosen, you want to have an understanding of cleaning processes available to you and how they may or may not meet your needs. The cleaning methods that are approved by the IICRC are:

Absorbent Compound • Dry Foam • Absorbent Pad (bonnet cleaning) • Shampoo
Encapsulation • Hot Water Extraction

Each method has a set of guidelines for proper use. Results of each cleaning method primarily depend on the soiling condition of the carpet and the complete employment of the guidelines set up for that particular method. All of these methods are appropriate for regular maintenance cleaning for your carpet. However, when it comes to the need for restorative cleaning for your carpet some of these methods will not meet your needs.
Carpet Cure is experienced in each cleaning method and familiar with all types of soiling conditions. Based on our experience, we have chosen two of the approved methods as our primary cleaning process. They are Hot Water Extraction (as required by Shaw and Mohawk), and Encapsulation. Dry Foam and Shampoo cleaning methods are sometimes used for specialty cleaning such as upholstery and Oriental rugs.

Do you need Maintenance Cleaning or Restorative Cleaning?

Maintenance Cleaning: The process used for overall maintenance cleaning should adhere to the 5 basic principles of cleaning: dry soil removal, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming, drying. If your carpet is in overall good shape, then a maintenance style carpet cleaning utilizing the Hot Water Extraction method is generally what we recommend to our clients. This ensures that unwanted soiling is removed which is key to enjoying your carpets appearance and getting the most “mileage” out of your carpet. General maintenance cleaning should be performed every 6 to 18 months depending on foot traffic and soiling conditions. Carpet protector should be applied after every cleaning to ensure that your carpet continues to repel dirt and spills. Your carpets protective finish is one of the key elements that determine how long your carpet will last and how well it will clean up each time.

Restorative Cleaning: The process used for restorative cleaning will adhere to the 5 basic principles of cleaning but in a much more aggressive manner. Restorative carpet cleaning processes will often combine one or more approved cleaning methods so that your carpet is not further damaged during cleaning. Since there is generally a greater concentration of accumulated soiling in these situations, agitation is used to a large degree to make the pre vacuuming more effective and to assist with soil suspension. Additional cleaning solutions are often needed as well. A water miscible solvent is used for unwanted substances that are not water soluble. An oxidizer is often used to give greater natural deodorization and to help emulsify finer soils that are trapped in the abrasions and imperfections of the fibers. Oxidizing is also preferred when dealing with pet stains. Restorative carpet cleaning should be performed if your carpet has a high degree of visible soiling, has not been cleaned in over 2 years, if you have pet stain and odor concerns, or if you are trying to sell your house. We often have clients that simply want us to the do the best we can do. Our restorative cleaning process goes WAY beyond what other cleaners even think about doing. If your carpet cleans up well then you should definitely have carpet protector applied immediately following the cleaning.

Our cleaning technician will be able to evaluate your soiling condition and prescribe an appropriate cleaning method and process for you. This will be done by gaining an understanding of your carpets age, fiber type, soiling condition, wear, amount of time since your last cleaning, the current state of your carpets protective finish and your overall motivation or purpose for this cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning and Oil Spills

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How an oil spill affects your carpet

I just got an email from a dear friend of mine who owns a floor care company in Pensacola, FL.  He said on this beautiful June weekend, they were supposed to be hanging out outdoors, boating and enjoying the beach.  But now they have tar balls rolling up on their white, beautiful beaches.  What a mess.

With oil being top of mind, I have a few thoughts I want to share with you about the relationship between oil and your carpet and carpet cleaning.  Most carpets manufactured today are synthetic fibers; Nylon, polyester, acrylic or polypropylene.  Each have distinguishing characteristics that you should be aware of before making a purchase.  Polyester and polypropylene are oleophilic.  This means they have a strong affinity for oils rather than water.  This also means they are hydrophobic which means they repel water.  Nylon is not oleophilic but has high dye-ability from water based spills which is a whole other ball game and not the point of today’s educational post.

So if you have polyester or polypropylene carpet, rugs or upholstery then most food spills and pet stains aren’t going to be much of a problem since the fiber inherently resists water based staining.  However, oil based substances will be a different story.  Being oleophilic, these carpets attract oil based stains like a magnet.  Even lotions from your feet can bond with the fiber and attract and hold dirt.  Grease spots won’t budge with a water-based carpet cleaning product.  You see, since oil and water don’t mix, each has to be treated with the appropriate solution or solvent.  I had a local carpet cleaner call me this week needing some spot removal advice for a particular situation he was dealing with.  He had tried everything he could think of and just could not remove the spot.  After determining the fiber type and gaining and understanding of what the nature of the spot was, I told him to rinse out everything he had put on it and then let it dry.  He should then come back another day and transfer the substance out with an appropriate solvent.  The water-based products he had been using had taken care of the solutes but was also preventing any oil based substances from being removed.  The water was creating a barrier over the carpet fibers.

So, if you have and “oil spill” on your carpet such as lotions, grease, baby oil, polish, etc.  don’t bother with the spot removers.  Get some white cotton towels and absorb the spill.  Don’t rub as this will only make it more difficult to remove.  Transfer as much out as you can then lay a clean white cotton towel, folded several times, over the spot and set a book or something on it.  This will act like a poultice and draw the substance out of the carpet and into the towel.  This will minimize your enemy!  You’ll still need to remove the remaining residue but at least you have avoided a tragic loss of your carpet.  Tell BP that early education and preparedness will do a lot for removing an oil spill!

Click here to view our comprehensive stain guide that uses products you probably already have in your home

(when you click on the above link, just scroll to the bottom)

Some Carpet Cleaners Can’t Remove all your Stains

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A carpet cleaning client in Macon, Ga recently had a carpet cleaning experience that led to disappointment. She went with a cheaper cleaner who was not educated or equipped to remove all her stains. She thought the price was right for the carpet cleaning job and the carpet cleaning company assured her that they could take care of all her needs. When the cleaning technician arrived he confirmed that everything would clean up fine. After only 30 minutes of carpet cleaning, he was done and ready to get paid. The homeowner, felt rushed and did not take the time to look around to check up on quality. However, she remembered the primary reason she called in the first place was to get rid of that ugly red stain in the playroom before her mother-in-law arrived here in Macon, Ga this weekend. She asked the carpet cleaning technician about it and he said that the only way to remove that red stain was to rip the carpet out. and replace it. Disappointed, she wrote out the check (complete with the hidden fees she was not told about up front) and sent the carpet cleaner back out to clean for other Macon, GA residents.

Could the stain have been removed by another, more educated, carpet cleaner? She wondered. She called one of her friends that she knew had their carpet cleaned on a regular basis to seek advice. She told her to call Carpet Cure. She said she had never been disappointed with them. So, she followed her friend’s advice and called Carpet Cure. Over the phone, the owner explained exactly why the stain did not and would not come up in the normal carpet cleaning process. He further explained what could be done to remove the red stain and explained that if it was unsuccessful, then she would be charged absolutely nothing.

Are all Macon Carpet Cleaners created equal? Not exactly! Remember, cheaper is not always better. Especially when you consider that you are hiring someone to care for your home’s largest investment! Make sure you know who it is that you are inviting into your home and that you can trust them to get the job done completely and right the first time!

Macon Carpet Cleaning Special Offer

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Enjoy Your Fresh Clean Carpet and Furniture For the New Year

Well, Christmas is over and the great “after holiday” clean up is complete.  When we finally got all our decorations packed up and put back into the attic, I couldn’t help but notice my carpet wasn’t as clean and beautiful as it is suppose to be.  So, like many others, I decided this was a great time to clean my carpet and furniture.  Oh, how wonderful it made me feel to look out across my clean carpet and all the spots and spills were gone!  I put down a good coat of fabric protector so I don’t have to worry about future spots and spills sticking to my carpet.  Now I can’t wait to sneak in a good nap in my freshly cleaned recliner. Yep, I love starting the New Year off with a clean house, clean carpet and clean furniture.

I know you too would love having fresh clean carpet and furniture to start off the New Year.  So, even though Christmas is over, we are going to still give gifts to our carpet cleaning clients over the next few weeks.  All you need to do is book any cleaning appointment between now and February 1st, and you get to choose TWO Gifts FREE (up to $83 value).

With any cleaning before February 1, 2010 you get TWO FREE gifts of your choice.  But you MUST mention this blog post when you call.


*FREE Car Mats Cleaned – limit 4 mats ($30 value)

*FREE Recliner Cleaned – excludes natural material. ie leather, silk, etc ($39 value)

*FREE 50 Square Feet of Tile and Grout Cleaned (One area up to $30 value)

*FREE Area Rug Cleaned – natural or synthetic (up to 35 square feet or $44 value)

I think that these free gifts will make it easier for you to be able to enjoy having fresh clean carpet, rugs, tile, furniture…whatever you need cleaned!

You will also be confident and secure knowing you have one of the most referred carpet cleaning firms in middle GA taking care of your fine fabrics.  You get an experienced professional trained in specialty stain removal and the care of fine fabrics. Recipient of the #1 Best in Business Award for the past two years, we are one of Macon’s only certified firms that specialize in carpet cleaning. You never want to hire a firm that isn’t certified!

Call Today  – 478-405-9138

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As a BONUS, we’ll give 50% off these services for the first 15 clients to schedule a cleaning:

50% OFF Automobile Carpet Cleaning

50% OFF Upholstery Cleaning* (up to $90 value)

50% OFF Fabric Protection on any Area Rug, Sofa, Chair, Recliner, or Love Seat cleaned

*(50% off offer does not apply to natural fabrics and skins)

You will not see these generous gifts being given away again.  So take advantage of this incredible offer TODAY and you can start enjoying your beautiful floors and fabrics again.  Call today – 405-9138 or you can email me at  This offer cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons.

P.S.  Don’t forget, you not only get to choose two of FOUR gifts with your cleaning, but you also get 50% off on THREE additional services.  You’ll never get a better offer all year long.

P.P.S.  Plus, you get a FREE bottle of spot remover.  But to get all this, you have to book your appointment before February 1, 2010.  So call us right now at 405-9138.  This offer cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.

Have you learned about our new Oriental Rug cleaning studio?  Read all about it on our website.  Macon rug cleaning

Would you like to see what others say about us?  Go to Carpet Cure Testimonials

Macon Carpet Cleaning and Fabric Protection

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Just in time for the Holidays!  You can now get the newest, most advanced carpet protector available in the carpet cleaning industry.  With this carpet protector we are able to provide you with a one year warranty.  This way, you can enjoy clean carpet before and after the holidays.  This carpet protector does everything Scotchgard does but also contains dye resistors!  This way even if your spill penetrates the surface tension barrier, it can’t adhere to the carpet fibers because all the dye receptor sites are filled with this state of the art fabric protector.  It’s incredible!  You’ll never have to worry about food spills again.  How nice is that?  Call us at 478-405-9138 for more information.