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Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Carpet Cleaners

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Everyday folks get ripped off by service companies that don’t have your best interest in mind.  Of course you want to get the best value for the price you pay but beware that often times the lowest price comes at the highest costs.

Here are 5 reasons to avoid hiring the cheapest cleaners and ways to avoid getting ripped off.


Carpet Cleaning for Macon, GA

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Here is a quick video that illustrates some of the cleaning services performed by Carpet Cure.  The video quality isn’t the best but the content is great!  I love watching the steam just boil out of the cleaning wand about halfway through the video.  It’s on a commercial grade carpet and the cleaning results seen here are nothing short of amazing.  Check it out..

Work smarter not harder!

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Understanding the dreadful day of cleaning up only to find a new stain on your carpet!

Yet again added to match the ones from only a few days ago. Today allow me to set your mind at rest!
Our services are preformed by sharply uniformed professional technicians who are not only trained but certified to be cleaning for you. We strive to provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever!


Take a look at a couple pictures of a great turn out for these customers!

Don’t wait to get your Carpet Cleaned!  Schedule today!

A little bit about us.

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Carpet cure has been in business for 15 years believing that the way to provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever is by our, Education, Experience, Systems, and Guarantee.

We are certified by the IIRC which is the highest certification given for this field of work.

We are familiar with very unusual soiling conditions and experienced in all fabric types.

We are committed to FIRST CLASS customer service. We raise our standards so you don’t have to.

We strive to provide excellent service so if you are not satisfied with the job we will come BACK OUT to get things right! and if you still aren’t satisfied with our work we will give you 100% of your money back Guarantee!

Call today and book your appointment and ask about our special this month! 478-405-9138

Spring Carpet Cleaning in Macon, GA

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It’s that time of the year!  Spring Cleaning is one of the best times for Macon carpet cleaning.  The weather is great and you can recover from being cooped up inside all winter.  So get those windows clean and open and get that vacuum up and running.  Drapery, rugs and upholstery such as your sofa, loveseat and chairs all need cleaning this time of year.   For professional carpet carpet cleaning in Macon and Warner Robins give us a call – 478-405-9138

puppy carpet

carpet cleaning

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Have you started your spring cleaning? Call today and book your appointment. each week we are getting booked up due to spring cleaning!!


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In todays time everyone likes a deal! Buy one get one free, buy one and get one 50% off, etc. There are plenty of things you can do get save an extra penny.

When it comes to your carpet cleaning can you save? Carpet cure provides discounts through their website and if you sign up for the newsletter you can receive one every month!

So go ahead and check it out before the deal expires! Book the cleaning

Clean clean clean!

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I posted a link to watch a video on the affects of Microseal, which is a fabric protector. Did you know that Microseal also protects from sun damage? Do you have a rug that you are so afraid of becoming bleached out by the sun? By applying Microseal you can save your rug and keep those colors from fading.

Microseal Video


Look at this amazing transformation of the carpet after Carpet Cure came in and cleaned! Awesome results! We strive for most outstanding results each time! Carpet Cleaning results.

Carpet cleaning time!

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Take a look at this!

Our technicians have a meeting each week to go go over previous jobs and learn different techniques. We are constantly improving our ways of cleaning so that we may always provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever.

Our equipment and vans are checked on a daily basis to ensure everything is working to its best ability and replaced when it’s needed. We have confidence in what we do and share a passion for this company. We do it right the first time and if your not happy with the service we come back and correct what is needed for no charge, and if your STILL not satisfied with our service we will give you your money back! Whats a better deal!?


call today to book your appointment 478-405-9138 or go to and book online!

Water Damage

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Today we see the temperatures fall drastically to freezing. Here at carpet cure we have already had calls come in from water damage due to pipes freezing! Don’t forget to wrap your water pipes and to allow a steady stream flow from the faucets.

Don’t be caught waking up at 3am to water falling from your ceiling!